Hiring a company to monitor your fire alarm is a proactive way to protect your business and the inventory located inside. A monitoring company uses a monitoring system that checks for both heat and smoke, and if either is noticed, immediately contacts the fire department. Since fire spreads quickly, dispatching the fire department as soon as a problem is noticed can be the difference between the fire being extinguished or your business suffering a total loss. When you first utilize the services of a fire alarm monitoring service, they will send a technician to your place of business to get your business all set up and to install your new service. Here are a few of the questions you may have about this initial service appointment.

Why Does the Technician Pay Close Attention To Where My Smoke Detectors Are Located?

It will come as no surprise to you that the technician will pay close attention to your smoke detectors. They will look at the age of the detectors and make sure they are in proper working condition. However, you may be surprised that they are also paying close attention to the location of the smoke detectors.

The placement of the smoke detectors is important. If the smoke detector is too close to a vent, ceiling fan or other device that moves air around within your building, it may not pick up on smoke right away. This is because these items move air so quickly by the detector that, until a large amount of smoke has built up, the detector can't notice it. Smoke detectors should also be placed away from steamy or humid areas. If you run a dishwasher in your business or have a shower for employees to use, keep smoke detectors away as the humidity can damage them. And lastly, if you cook in your business, place the smoke detectors away from the flow of air coming from your cooking source, or you could get false alarms as you cook.

The technician will help you determine where the best places in your business for smoke detectors are. This helps ensure the smoke detectors will work in case of a fire, have a long lifespan and not give false alarms.

Why Are Sound Checks Needed?

When a fire alarm monitoring technician is setting up your fire and smoke detectors, they will check the sound of the alarms. But once they have verified the alarm works, you may be surprised to see them leave the alarm going as they seem to scurry away. When this happens, they are not trying to drive you crazy with a buzzing noise. They are conducting a sound check.

There may be spaces inside your business that are not near a fire or smoke detector. The technician needs to ensure that people who are in this space can still hear the alarm so they have ample opportunity to evacuate. If the technician determines that the alarm is not loud enough, they may need to install another alarm in the area or a flashing light device to warn your employees and customers of a potential fire hazard.

Do I Need All the Products a Technician Tells Me About?

After setting up your fire alarm monitoring system and testing it out, a technician will tell you about many of the innovative products that are on the market that can further help your business in the event a fire breaks out. This includes things such as fire and smoke doors, window film that protects glass from blowing out in the heat, and smoke dampers for your insulation system. As the technician is explaining these products to you, you may wonder if they are trying to up-sell you or if you need all those products.

The products they are telling you about can help your business in the event of a fire. Smoke doors can protect valuable artwork in your store and smoke dampers can slow down the spread of fire. None of the products are necessities, but if your budget allows, they are products you may want to consider.

After hiring a fire alarm monitoring company, a technician will visit your business to get your business prepared for your new service. Getting answers to what will occur during this process will help you to better understand it and make you more at ease. For more information, contact a company like Fyr Fyter Inc.