It is becoming a common design practice to separate meeting rooms and offices in office buildings with fully glass walls. This adds some transparency to the office lifestyle and allows light to flow through the room, creating an open, airy feeling. Glass enclosures are also common at spas and salons. However, sometimes you or your clients want a bit more privacy than a fully glass enclosure can offer. Below are some ways that you can add privacy to your commercial glass solutions without sacrificing their modern, clean appearance. 

Electronic Privacy Glass 

Perhaps the most elegant privacy solution for large glass areas is electronic privacy glass. Privacy glass, also known as smart glass, comes in many varieties. The most common solutions include films that can be added to your glass after it has been installed. However, some glass manufacturers build the privacy element into the glass to prevent peeling issues over time. 

With electronic privacy glass, you simply use a remote control or smartphone application to adjust the level of frosting on your glass. Usually, results can range from completely transparent to completely opaque. 

Partially Frosted Glass 

Frosted glass can give you full-time privacy but, unfortunately, it can also interrupt the flow of light within the room and make your office area look smaller than it actually is. To prevent this, you may want to consider partially frosted glass. For example, in an office space, you may want a wide strip of frosted glass around the middle of your enclosure while leaving the top and bottom of the glass transparent. This will allow light to flow freely while blocking the view of people who are sitting at a meeting table. 

Alternatively, in a spa or a salon, you may want decorative frosting in various shapes to provide limited privacy while creating a more relaxed, artistic atmosphere. 

Utilize Glass Blocks

Glass blocks come in various shapes, sizes, colors, and textures. The mortar between the blocks adds some privacy by breaking up the view into the glass enclosure. Additionally, if you opt for frosted or heavily textured blocks, the occupants inside a room will look like blurs, giving them a bit more privacy without blocking all of the light from the room. Colored blocks can be a great option for spas or salons, as they can help create a relaxing atmosphere by tinting the light coming into the room. 

Electronic Window Shades 

If you already have a glass enclosure installed and you do not want to deal with custom glass films, you may want to install electronic window shades. These are generally attached to the ceiling inside of the enclosed area. With the touch of a button you can lower or raise the shades, giving absolute visual privacy when necessary. Alternatively, a sheer shade will give you partial visual privacy. 

Manual Window Shades 

If your budget is low, then you may want to install manual window shades or curtains throughout your glass enclosure. However, you should keep in mind that you will have to be able to easily reach these, meaning horizontal shades are a better option than vertical shades. This means that there will be columns of space in your conference room or spa area that are taken up by your curtains or shades when they are open. While this make be aesthetically pleasing in a salon or spa, it can be distracting in an office building. 

If you are considering adding a private conference room to your main office or partitioning your salon or spa, you should consider the benefits of using glass. However, also consider your clients' and employees' comfort and make sure you choose an efficient solution to ensure privacy when necessary.