If you're the type of homeowner who has many enjoyable hobbies and doesn't include working in the yard among them, you'll likely want your yard to look good without taking up much of your time on the weekend. This can mean that you might wish to have a contractor tear up your lawn and replace it with a ground cover. The lack of grass will cut down on the amount of yard maintenance that you need to perform, while a ground cover of your choosing can be visually pleasing and won't require much effort to maintain. Here are some different types of ground cover to consider.


There is a seemingly endless list of natural ground cover plants. These small plants are ideal because they don't grow tall; they often grow just an inch or two out of the ground but don't get any higher. Some are plain green, while others have small blooms. This form of natural ground cover is ideal for those who enjoy a natural-looking yard. At a glance, some ground cover plants even look like grass — but the chief difference is that they don't require any mowing. Other than some occasional watering with the sprinkler, you won't have to spend any time taking care of this type of ground cover.


Stone can be a visually appealing ground cover that doubles as something that doesn't require any maintenance — after all, you don't need to water stones. Your contractor will make sure that weeds and grass don't grow up through the stones by digging down deep at the time of installation, placing landscaping cloth directly on the ground and then adding a layer of stone dust before placing the stones. You can opt for small stones, which are relatively pleasant to walk on, or larger stones that can really add a unique look to your yard.


Mulch is another ideal form of low-maintenance ground cover. If you want to keep a few plants in your yard, the mulch can be placed around them, while it works fine without any plants, too. The best form of low-maintenance mulch is rubber mulch; unlike natural wood mulch that breaks down and needs to be replaced occasionally, your rubber mulch ground cover will have a long life. It's soft and spongy underfoot and is ideal if you have children who are playing in the backyard, given that it makes falling have less of an impact.