When rain gutters become rusty and start hanging off of the roof, it is likely time to invest in replacements. You should replace the gutters as soon as you are able to. This is because they are needed for protecting several aspects of your property from excessive amounts of rainwater.

You might also want to make sure that the replacements are seamless, as they will require less maintenance throughout the years. This article covers some of the areas of a house that rain gutters can protect so you will know how important it is to have functional ones.

Your Landscape

You must understand that rain gutters play a large role in how well you are able to maintain a nice landscape. For instance, the gutters are able to route water away from your landscape so large amounts of it won't accumulate when it is raining outside. The reason why it is so important to regulate the amount of rainwater that your grass, trees, and plants receive is that too much of it can cause them harm. For example, if your landscape happens to get flooded with rainwater, it can lead to your plants being uprooted. Excessive amounts of rainwater can also lead to certain tree diseases developing.

The Roofing Materials

The materials on your roof will have protection against damage from rainwater if you make sure the rain gutters are functional. With your current gutters being in bad shape, it is possible that rainwater isn't able to fully flow through as it should. Once the rainwater builds up and has nowhere to go, it begins to fall over onto the roofing materials. The bad thing about too much water sitting on a roof is that it can cause the material to decay or get rusty if you have a metal roof. Get your damaged gutters replaced as soon as possible, and make sure that they are kept clean after installation is complete.

The Foundation

The most important area that is protected by functional rain gutters is the foundation to your house. Rainwater can accumulate in the soil fast when it is pouring down rain outside. As the water saturates the soil and creates mud, it then begins to push against the foundation, especially if your landscape is sloped towards the house. You don't want too much pressure against the foundation because it can end up cracking, shifting, and causing a variety of problems in your house.

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