Even if you don't plan to tackle any major renovation projects, it's typical to upgrade a handful of small details when you move into a different home. When you've having a custom home built, however, you can forgo this process by having your builder take care of the small details at the time the house is built. This way, you won't have to worry about small upgrades at a later date; instead, you'll just be able to enjoy your new custom home. Here are some small details to discuss with your builder.

Light Switches And Wall Outlets

The plates that surround the light switches and wall outlets in your home may seem like a small detail, but you might as well get them the way you want at the time your home is built. Instead of just having standard plastic plates installed, talk to your builder about the other options that are possible. For example, you may want brushed steel plates in certain rooms that have a modern look, or wooden plates in rooms that will be decorated in a rustic style.


You should also give careful consideration to the styles of interior and exterior doorknobs that you want used throughout the home. Picking your desired styles now saves you the cost and effort of replacing them with upgraded products in the future. For example, instead of the traditional round-style doorknob that is commonly used for interior doors in homes, you may favor a lever-style knob. You may also want certain doorknobs to be equipped with locks; this is common for bathrooms, for example, but you might also want this feature for a home office or a workshop.


You may also wish to speak to your custom builder about upgraded doors that can be installed when the home is built, rather than you choosing to do this work yourself in a few years. For example, a standard hollow-core door might be affordable, but it can lack the visual appeal of several other styles that are worth considering. For example, you may wish to have an interior door with a small panel of glass in it or, for a more modern look, an interior door that is mostly glass except for a small wooden frame around its exterior. A wooden door can be appealing depending on your design sense, while sliding doors can be very functional in a variety of different rooms.

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