Are you planning on installing a new septic installation on your property? Perhaps you are about to build a home on a lot and this is one of the initial things that has to take place. Some people require septic tank installs on older properties due to the age of their tanks. The following are a few tips that can ensure that you take proper care of your septic system.

Appliances That Use Water

Invest in appliances that are energy efficient when it comes to your appliances that use water. Examples are dishwashers and washing machines. Also, aim to invest in water-conserving showerheads and toilets. This will mean that less water should enter your septic tank, which could aid in preventing it from needing to get pumped prematurely. You may also want to refrain from using your garbage disposal if you have one. If you have a new home construction, consider not having a garbage disposal because using it will mean using more water to operate it.

Trees and Bushes

Aim not to have any trees or bushes planted in close vicinity to your septic system. This is because their roots will naturally seek out moisture. The absorption lines and leach field are common places that roots can cause problems.

Detergent and Cleaner Selections

Aim to use liquid detergents to clean your clothing. Some powdered detergents have a clay-like material in them, which can cause clogs in septic systems. The use of other powdered cleaners may also cause issues. Be particularly mindful of the chemicals in your cleaners because if you use too many toxic chemicals, it can negatively impact the bacteria in your septic tank and cause issues.

Drain Precautions

Educate your family and ensure that they do not allow things to go down drains that could cause issues. This includes flushing things that should be put in a waste receptacle. Examples of common culprits are cotton swabs, cotton balls, baby wipes, female hygiene products, and cigarette butts.

Septic Pumping

Your septic tank will need to be pumped every few years. A good approach is to have it inspected annually and pumped when it is recommended. Ensure you document the dates of inspections and service for your own records. 

A septic system installer is a good resource to use to learn more ways to take care of a new or updated septic system. They can offer valuable advice such as the importance of not driving or parking on your drain field and why it is unsafe for untrained individuals to access septic tanks. For more information, contact companies like Martin Septic Service Inc.