If your family is passionate about cooking and entertaining, and if your kitchen is large enough, adding a wood-burning pizza oven to the space is highly desirable. Not only will you be able to enjoy tasty pizza whenever you feel the urge, but your kitchen and the food you serve will quickly become the talk of your circle of friends. Find a remodeling contractor in your area who has done this type of work in the past, invite him or her over to assess your kitchen, and then come up with a plan together. Here are some things that you'll need to think about concerning this installation.

Exterior Venting

Your wood-burning pizza oven needs to be on an exterior wall of your kitchen so that the smoke can be vented directly outside. Although some homes' kitchens may unfortunately be positioned in the middle of the home — thus making a pizza oven a no-go — many kitchens are positioned on exterior walls so that the stovetop hood fan can be vented outside.

Storage Space For Wood

It's ideal to think about a storage space for the firewood that you'll use to fuel the pizza oven. Although you could technically keep the wood in the garage, it's handy if you can find space to keep a small stack inside your kitchen. Your remodeling contractor may be able to build a rack or box that will hold the wood, either in a decorative fashion or in a way that hides it from sight. To avoid a mess, it's convenient if the wood storage can be located near the pizza oven.

Preparation Space

Homemade pizzas need to be prepared on a flat surface, so you'll want to evaluate how much available counterspace you have in the kitchen. If the space is limited, talk to your contractor about adding to it. For example, you may decide to have a kitchen island installed that can serve as a prep area for building the pizzas. This can especially be handy if you're having people over for dinner for "make-your-own-pizza night," as you'll have multiple people building pizzas at the same time.

Room To Maneuver

You'll typically need to use a long-handled pizza paddle to place the pizzas in the oven, turn them, and retrieve them. Keep this in mind when you're planning this remodeling project. The pizza oven can't be placed in an area in which using this long implement will be challenging. Ideally, the area will be open enough to allow you to use the tool without bumping into anything or anyone.

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