Motion detector lighting is a key part of any home security system. When the lighting is not working, unwanted visitors could step in your yard without you and your family realizing it until it is too late. Therefore, it is important that you troubleshoot any problems with the lighting as soon as it is noticed. Here are just a few troubleshooting steps you can take before calling in an electrician to repair your lighting.  

Adjust the Sensitivity Settings 

The sensitivity setting dictates when your lights turn on. If the setting is not right, the lights will turn on too frequently or not turn on at all. Before making any other changes to your lighting, you should always check the sensitivity settings when the lighting is not functioning as it should.  

After each adjustment of the lighting, test it to determine if it is too sensitive or not enough. Continue to make adjustments until the lighting is right.  

Clean the Sensors 

When the sensors are dirty, they cannot detect motion. The lack of detection means the lights will not turn off in someone enters the motion range of the lights. The sensors will need to be cleaned to resolve the issue.  

The easiest way to clean the sensors is with a damp cloth. You can use window cleaner to ensure the sensors are actually cleaned. The cleaner will also help with removing any mildew that has built up on the sensor. Use another cloth to dry the sensor when you are finished.  

Reset the Lights 

Occasional electrical issues can cause the motion detector lights to stop working. For instance, if there is a power outage, the lights can be disrupted and fail to operate properly when the electrical power returns to your home. 

Resetting the lights can be as simple as turning its breaker in the electrical control panel in your home off and on. After flipping the breaker off, wait approximately 30 seconds before turning it back on again. Check the lights to determine if they are working again. If they do not, try resetting the breaker once again.  

Other problems with the motion detector lighting should be assessed by a professional. An electrician like C & R Electric, Inc can determine what is causing issues with your lighting and repair it. He or she can also give you pointers that are specific to your lighting that you can use to further troubleshoot any problems that occur in the future.