If you are in an area where your windows are at an increased chance of becoming broken, there are ways you can decrease the chance of this happening. You can learn about some of those things by reading the information here:

If you are in a rough part of town

If you have found yourself living in a rougher part of town where windows tend to get broken on a somewhat frequently basis then you want to do what you can to prevent this from happening. You can have window guards put on the windows that help prevent them from getting broken into in order for someone to get into the house. However, they won't completely protect them from things like blatant vandalism because there are gaps between the bars. There are also protective screens you can have installed that protrude from the window a couple of inches and they are made of very strong material.

If you live by a park

If you live right next to a park then you will be more concerned with things like balls accidentally hitting your windows and breaking them. If this is the case then you should consider the protective screens that have also been mentioned above. They will take the hit from a ball and not permit it to follow through to the window. Putting up a tall fence may also be an option if you have already been considering having one installed. You may even want to put up some wood shutters on the outside of the windows if you like the idea of protecting the windows and decorating them at the same time.

If you live next to a golf course

If you are living in a golf course community then your windows may or may not be at risk. It really depends on where your home is in connection to the green. If you are right next to the green then again, the protective screens are going to be your best bet when it comes to protection against golf balls. Some other things that can decrease your risks of broken windows include tall fences and plenty of very large and full trees that are grown between the green and your home.


While taking precautions ahead of time is the best protection, you may still find yourself with a broken window. Be sure to have it fixed immediately -- check with your local professionals like Robert G Miller -- to avoid things like higher heating and cooling costs, pests getting right into the house and even a break in.