If you own a business that has an elevator in it, you know how vital it is for the device to always be operating the way that it should.  Few things can slow up production and cause major problems like the mayhem that can ensue when your staff realizes that they're going to have to take the stairs because there's something wrong with the elevator.  Although you likely make it a point to have the elevator serviced at regular intervals, there are things you can do between professional inspections to keep the elevator working correctly.  Use this information to learn about a couple of things you can start doing immediately so that your elevator works for the long haul.

Take Care Not To Overload The Elevator

The first thing you can do to prolong the life of your elevator seems rather straightforward, but can easily be ignored:  Don't overload the elevator.  There's a weight limit on elevators for good reason and this rule should definitely be adhered to.

Understand that your elevator has a number of different gears and shafts on it which give it the ability to go up and down with ease.  When you put too much weight into an elevator, these gears have to work that much harder to get the occupants onto their desired floor.  This accelerates the deterioration of the elevator and could even put people at risk should the worn out parts give way at some point.

That's why it's so vital for you to place an emphasis on obeying the weight limit.  Post signs in very noticeable places so you can discourage your team from smuggling just one more person on when the elevator is almost at capacity.

Do A Daily Inspection

Although you might think that you're not qualified to diagnose any potential problems with your elevator, you'd be amazed at what you can discover just by committing to giving the elevator a good once over on a daily basis.  Check for glaring issues, such as floor buttons that are jammed or doors that won't close all the way.  Make this a part of your morning and nightly routine and watch how much safer your unit becomes.

Keeping your elevator in good shape doesn't have to be difficult.  Don't wait; start following these maintenance tips immediately so you can enjoy a working elevator that keeps your place of business accessible for as long as possible.