While planning the landscaping around your yard, it is important to make sure it is attractive while providing the right characteristics to aid in the flow of water away from your home. Your home's basement and foundation can become subject to excessive moisture saturation in the soil and can cause water to seep into your home. Here are some tips you can use to landscape in your yard with decorative rock or gravel. These tips will help prevent the soil around your home from becoming saturated, leading to interior leaks

Decorative Downspout Splash Block

Your roof's drainage system consists of roof gutters and downspouts to deliver water from the rooftop to the soil around your home. As your downspouts deliver their water, it is a good idea to divert the water to prevent it from saturating the soil around your home's foundation and from eroding the soil where the water directly impacts the soil. For these reasons, installing a splash block is important.

It is best to install a downspout diverter to first deliver water from your home's foundation to an area away from the foundation and basement walls. At this point in the yard where the water drains from the diverter, install a layer of gravel to help the water disperse evenly over the area. You can create the look of a dry creek bed by using rounded river rock of varying sizes and layering it within a trench dug into the soil below the downspout diverter's exit point. This gives the site a route for the downspout water to flow and keep it from saturating your foundational soil.

Landscaping Ground Cover

Using decorative rock around the foundation of your home is another way to improve the look of your landscaping and help with water runoff. The soil around your foundation walls should already be sloped away from the home, as recommended by roof drainage experts. This helps any water falling upon the soil from your rooftop to flow away from your home and keep it from seeping into your basement.

Add a layer of decorative rock onto the sloped soil around your home for an added protection against water saturation. As your roof's gutters drip water occasionally from leaks or overflow, the water will fall directly onto rocks instead of soil. The rocks help prevent the soil from eroding and help the water flow over the top of the rocks and downward, away from your foundation and basement walls.

Use these tips for landscaping with decorative rock to keep your foundation walls free of exterior moisture leaks.