Winter is on its way. If you own a swimming pool, now's the time to put it to bed for the season. This is particularly important if you live in a region that experiences snow and below freezing temperatures. Unless your swimming pool is enclosed in a temperature-controlled space, you'll need to take steps to prevent damage. Preparing your pool for winter will help it survive the freeze. Here are some simple pool maintenance tips you can follow:

Winter Preparation

Now that you won't be swimming in your pool, you'll want to make sure it's ready for hibernation. Here's what you'll need to do for winter preparation.

Drain Some of the Water

When it comes to putting your swimming pool to bed for the winter, the first place you should start is with the water level. You're going to be adding some pre-winter chlorine, so you'll want to drain several inches of water from the pool. You could add bleach to the existing water level, but then you risk bleaching your pool cover. To prevent damage to your pool cover, drain the pool to below the decorative tile line.

Add Some Pre-Winter Chlorine

Once the water level has been lowered, you'll be ready to add your pre-winter chlorine. Adding chlorine to your pool before you close it up for the winter will reduce the amount of algae you'll need to deal with once summer arrives. Add several gallons of liquid chlorine, and then place the cover on your pool. For maximum benefit, you should also add at least one gallon of liquid algaecide too.

Spring Preparation

Once winter begins to wind down, and the water has thawed, you'll need to get your pool ready for opening day of swimming season.

Be Prepared When the Water Thaws

After things have thawed out, start watching your pool. As soon as the water is liquid again, you'll want to add a few gallons of liquid chlorine. Go ahead and take the cover off the pool now, too.

Don't Be Alarmed by the Deep Green Water

When you remove the cover from your pool, don't be alarmed if the water is a deep shade of green. It might also have some algae growing in it. This is normal, even with the added winter chlorine. Your pool would have been much greener without the added chlorine.

Schedule Your Pre-Season Pool Service

Now that you've taken the cover off your pool, and given it the first round of chlorine treatment, you'll need to begin the deep cleaning. You can do this yourself with a pool vacuum and several days of filter cleaning. However, if you can't see the bottom of your pool, it's better to have the professionals take care of the cleaning.