There are many different materials that can be necessary for building and maintenance projects. Unfortunately, there are also many myths surrounding these materials that can mislead homeowners that are trying to oversee these projects. This can be particularly true when it comes to caulk, and having some of these notions corrected may prove useful to you.

Myth: Caulk Serves No Practical Purpose

One particularly prevalent idea is that caulk will not serve any practical purpose when it comes to your structure. However, caulk can be essential for preventing water from being able to enter through small gaps and cracks that may be present. This is particularly true for the bathroom, areas near swimming pools and other parts of the property that may come into contact with water on a regular basis. Applying caulk around the edges of windows can also prove to be an effective strategy for combating drafts.

Myth: It Is Easy To Apply Caulk Without Professional Help

Homeowners will often make the mistake of greatly underestimating the difficulty and complexity of applying caulk. For example, there are many different types of caulk that can be chosen for your particular project, and it can be easy to choose the wrong type for your particular project. When this is the case, you may find that the caulk starts to degrade far more quickly than expected. Additionally, applying the caulk can be somewhat difficult as it is a fairly messy substance. If you get the caulk on a surface where it does not belong, it can quickly dry, which may permanently stain it. A professional caulk contractor will have the experience to know the right type of caulk to use for your project along with having the tools needed to ensure it is applied as evenly and cleanly as possible.

Myth: Caulk Does Not Require Any Maintenance

Caulk can be an easy material for a person to overlook. However, it should be noted that caulk will still have some basic maintenance needs that should be met. It can be a very porous material, and you will want to regularly clean it to remove algae and other substances that may start to accumulate in these small openings. Over time, it can be possible for the acidic byproducts of these materials to start to degrade the caulk. This can lead to it cracking, flaking or experiencing other issues that could compromise its performance. Regularly washing the caulk with a gentle cleaning solution can be essential for removing these substances before they are able to damage the caulk. 

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