Your window doesn't have to have the standard square or rectangular shape. If you want to give your window a very distinct appearance, consider installing an oval, circular, triangular, or even an odd polygonal shape. There is no limit to the type of shapes you can choose when installing your windows

The Benefits of Custom Window Shapes

Unusual window shapes will help emphasize the theme that you would like your home to have. Also, choose window shapes that will direct natural light where you want it to go. Custom window are often meant to complement tradition window styles. They either stack above or below traditional windows or behave as standalone accents. A common look is to place an elliptical or arched window over a traditional window style.

Cathedral Windows

With cathedral windows, the radius of the window must be greater than half the width. Another option is the cathedral with extended legs, which has extended vertical sides. There is not a lot of difference between these types, and it's more a matter of personal taste.

Curved Windows

If you'd like something similar to a cathedral, but more curved, buy a circle top. Like with the cathedral, this one has an option that comes with extended legs. Rather than having rounded sides, the sides are perpendicular to the bottom. Only the top is curved. There are also ellipses, which have a curved top, but are shorter. Eyebrows are similar to ellipses, but the height is less than half of the width. Often, the best option is based on how much space you have for your windows.

Circle Windows

A circle window is a perfect circle. Given how drastically different circle windows look from traditional windows, it's one of the best ways to add something unique to your home. Rather than being paired with other windows, they are usually standalone accents. Alternatively, you could use a hexagon or an octagon.

Finding a Company for Your Unique Window

Choose a company that manufactures windows locally so they can be shipped to your home at a low cost. Then, you may have windows installed that perfectly match the vision you have. One of the advantages of a custom-shaped window is that if you have an unusual home, you can still have windows installed that will fit the shape of your home. Begin by discussing your ideas to a qualified window contractor and they will direct you toward a solution to your vision.