Have you recently purchased a home for you and your family? Have you discovered an issue with the water pressure that is driving you crazy? With most homes, you never need to give a second thought to the water pressure because it just works. With other homes, there may be an issue that requires the assistance of a plumber to solve. While every home is different, there are some issues that can be common causes of low water pressure. These include:

A leaky pipe: Not every pipe leaks where it can be immediately noticed. If your water main springs a leak between the meter and your home, the only sign may be low water pressure and a high water bill. If the pipe springs a leak on the city's side of the meter, your only symptom may be the lack of water in your home. Since it can sometimes be difficult to get the water company to listen when you tell them that you think there is an issue with the line, it's important to get a professional plumber out to your home to eliminate the other potential culprits and avoid having the blame shifted onto you. 

Added bathroom: In and of itself, adding another bathroom shouldn't be the cause of any water pressure issues. However, this is only the case when the job was done by a professional plumber. If the previous homeowner decided to DIY the new bathroom's plumbing, the result can easily be low water pressure. A professional plumber can check out the layout of the plumbing and redirect or redo the pipes as necessary to get your water pressure back to where it should be. Be aware that, in some instances, it can be expensive to repair a poor DIY plumbing job. 

Mineral buildup: When you have very hard water, mineral deposits can build up on the inside of your pipes and cause low to no water pressure. Sometimes, all that's necessary is to replace a few simple plumbing pieces and everything will be as good as new. In other instances, your plumber may need to replace much of the pipes in your home I order to restore the correct water pressure. Having a whole-house water softening system installed can help prevent this from happening in the future but there is little that can be done by the average homeowner once the trouble has already gotten started.