When your garage door is in need of replacement, choosing the right installer for the job is important. Often times, garage door companies can sell you your new garage door in addition to installing it to save you money and the hassle of finding an independent installer. Before you choose just any company to install your new garage door, however, there are some questions worth asking.

What Customization Options Do You Offer?

These days, garage doors come in so many different styles and have more available features than ever before. If you're looking to personalize your garage door and add curb appeal to your home, make sure to choose a garage door company that offers a wide range of these options. From unique hardware and windows to beveling and special security features, you should be able to choose a garage door that you will truly love.

What Kind of Warranty Do You Include?

Any reputable garage door company should offer a guarantee or warranty on their installation/labor. This gives you the added peace of mind in knowing they will stand behind their work. And while your garage door manufacturer should also include a warranty on their door and its components, be careful not to confuse a manufacturer warranty on the door itself with a guarantee on installation and labor.

What Type of Insulation Options Are Available?

The appearance and security features in a garage door are important, but don't overlook the importance of your new garage door's energy efficiency. Specifically, you'll want to choose a company that is familiar with their doors' R-values and what they mean in terms of your energy savings. This is especially important if you live in a climate that sees extreme temperature fluctuations throughout the year.

Are Your Installers Actual Employees?

Will the people who will be installing your garage doors be actual employees or contractors? Ideally, you'll want to choose a garage door installation company that hires all its own employees rather than using contractors. With actual employees, you're more likely to work with installers who are highly trained and experienced. Plus, they're more likely to be insured for your added peace of mind.

These are just a few of the most important questions to ask when you're shopping around for a garage door company; with a little bit of research and scrutiny, you'll ultimately be able to make the right decision for your needs. Use resources like https://shankdoor.com to guide you.