Pole-mounted transformers increase and control the flow of electrical power. In neighborhoods where it is important to have more power, these transformers are placed in key places around the neighborhood. If you see a work crew setting up a pole and/or transformer in your neighborhood, you need to give them a wide berth. Here is why:

They Are Dealing with One of the Most Dangerous Forces of Energy

Electricity, while a vital part of daily life now, is still one of the most dangerous forces of energy on the planet. Work crews are very careful with how they are managing the situation and the protective clothing that they wear, but if something were to fall by accident and/or be switched on, someone could end up hurt or dead. They could end up seriously injured or suffer electrical burns. Staying away while they work protects you and them if something goes wrong. 

Construction Crews Need to Install Poles and Make Them Very Straight

If you have ever watched a construction crew install an electrical pole, then you know what a chore it is. There cannot be any branches around to interfere with the pole or the cables that will pass around it. It has to be secured in the ground with concrete, and left to harden in the most upright position possible. You need to remain out of this area while the pole is erected and the area is cleared for its installation/construction.

Transformers Are Heavy

Electrical transformers are like massive batteries. They have a lot of wires, liquid for conduction, and metal plates inside. All of this gear in these plastic containers makes the transformers a lot heavier than they look. You do not want to distract a worker while he/she is trying to lift one of these battery-like pieces of equipment into place. 

The Trucks Need a Lot of Room to Maneuver

These transformers have to be hoisted up high and affixed to a wooden pole, which is a recipe for a potential accident. The cherry picker bucket trucks that the workers use are able to lift the workers and the transformers up to the tops of the poles, but it usually takes two or three trucks to do the job. They need all of that space around the trucks just to make this happen. Streets and sidewalks -- and possibly a driveway or two -- will be blocked off to keep everyone safe and give the buckets room to lift off and reach the top of the pole.