If you need to rent a dumpster, you may be worried about the odors. After all, if your residential trash cans develop odors, your dumpster won't be any different. However, the size of the dumpster will dramatically increase the amount of foul odors that can be generated. Because of that, it's important that you take steps to control the smell. Here are five steps you can take to avoid those foul odors. 

Use Bags for Your Garbage

When it comes to keeping the odors at bay, you need to start with the way you throw your garbage away. One way to do that is to use bags for all your garbage. You may be tempted to toss individual items into your dumpster. However, that will only serve to increase the amount of smells that are generated. For maximum protection, use odor-killing bags for all your household waste. 

Reduce Your Food Waste

If you're going to use your dumpster for all your household waste and you want to control odors, it's time to reduce your food waste. Odors generated by rotting food can permeate through the air, making things quite unpleasant around your home. Reducing your food waste will help keep those odors away. One way to reduce food waste is to start a compost heap. Your compost heap will help limit the amount of food that gets tossed into the dumpster. 

Keep the Contents Dry

If you're going to rent a dumpster, and you want to keep the odors away, start by keeping the contents dry. When the contents of your dumpster get wet, mold and mildew can build up, leading to increased odors. To avoid odors associated with water exposure, keep your dumpster closed. That way, your contents will stay dry. 

Utilize Pest Control Methods

If you have a dumpster in your yard and you want to control the odors, be sure to utilize pest control methods. You might think that odors lead to the pest problems, but that's not entirely true. Actually, pests can bring odors with them, especially once they begin urinating and defecating in the dumpster. The best way to keep the pest-related odors away is to utilize pest control methods around your dumpster.

Add Odor Absorbers

Finally, if you want to keep your dumpster smelling fresh and eliminate the foul odors, add odor absorbers. Begin by pouring a bag of kitty litter or cedar chips in your dumpster as soon as it's delivered to your property. After that, replace the kitty litter or cedar chips each time the dumpster is emptied.

Following these tips will help you keep your rented dumpster clean and odor free. For more information, contact a dumpster rental service like Keith Krupenny & Son Disposal Service Inc.