Putting lots of thought into your bathroom is important when you're designing a custom home with a builder. Many people opt for an en-suite bathroom off the master bedroom but struggle with how to situate another bathroom for the other family members. One option is a Jack-and-Jill bathroom — a bathroom that is positioned between two bedrooms and accessible via both of them. Jack-and-Jill bathrooms are a good choice if you have two children who will need to share a bathroom. This type of bathroom can be a useful feature to add to your custom home for the following reasons.

Easy Bathroom Access

One of the biggest perks of adding a Jack-and-Jill bathroom to your custom home is that it provides easy access to both of your children. Instead of either of them having to leave their bedroom and walk down the hall toward the bathroom, they'll simply be able to walk directly into the bathroom through the door in their room. This might not seem like a big deal for every family, but if you have a child who complains a lot, this will save you having to hear him or her complain about having to walk "all the way down the hall" to the bathroom.

Fewer Hallways Doors

In many homes, the hallway in the upper floor can be filled with doors into each of the rooms. While this may be functional, it can lack visual appeal — as well as prevent you from having enough wall space to hang pictures, artwork, and other decor items. When you opt for a Jack-and-Jill bathroom, you can provide access to this space solely through the two doors from the bedrooms. This means that you don't need a door that connects to the hallway, which can add to the visual appeal of your hallway.

Exciting For Your Kids

There's no denying that a Jack-and-Jill bathroom situated between your children's bedrooms can be exciting for them. Lots of children think that master bedroom en-suite bathrooms are desirable features, but it's obviously not practical to design your custom home with en-suite bathrooms for your children. A Jack-and-Jill bathroom is the next best thing, though, and you can expect that your children will be excited about this design feature. Work closely with your custom home builder to talk about the size and design for the Jack-and-Jill bathroom so that you can make this space perfect for your kids.

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